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Just a silly little Story
about the A's & Darch & Baseball
and how it all began...

In may 1995, Darch visited one of his best friends Otto Pijpker, who lives in Redmond (near Seattle) Washington. Otto amazed himself that week: he got $40-court-side tickets for play-off-game #5 of the Seattle SuperSonics-Los Angeles Lakers series. Yeah, you can feel it coming, ay? The Sonics lost the best-of-trhee series 3-1. So, NO fifth game in Seattle, and NO play-off NBA-basketball for Darch... Thank you very much, George Karl!
Darch was disappointed and it showed. "Well", Otto tried to cheer up his friend, "maybe we can go to the Kingdome and watch some baseball. The Mariners are in town..." Mariners? Never heard of. Baseball? Nah, tnx very much.

However, five days later Darch reached San Francisco.
"Whatta ya guys wanna do?", the housekeeper of his motel wanted to know. "Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, baseball? The A's are in town, ya know!"
A's? As in Oakland A's? Hmm, Darch thougt: what the hell, let's give it a shot.
And that's how it all started: the motelkeeper took Darch to Mister Ticket, Darch donated eighty dollars for two first class-tickets and was sitting, only six hours later, at front row at the Oakland Colosseum, just behind... the Seattle Mariners-dug out!
It was as if lightning struck... Ever had that feeling? Violins, raibows, coins spitting jackpots... Darch fell in love. Again. With Baseball, with the Oakland Athletics and with Jay Buhner's attitude and personality. The A's beat the Mariners that night (7-5, thanks to a three run-homer by Ricky Henderson), but Darch found himself a new hero & a Fav Ballclub: The Oakland A's...

It lasted almost two-and-a-half year, 'till Darch saw his Athletics again. But as it happened, Darch & A's turned out to be a great combination. September 21, 1997: The Coliseum had undergone a $100 million-renovation, the sun was shining brightly at this beautiful saturday-afternoon and Darch was there. Okay, it took twelve innings but... The A's beat the Mariners. One week later, in the Kingdome in Seattle, both Jason Giambi and Matt Stairs were redhot and the A's tore up the Mariners once more.
Ergo: Darch/Oakland A's - a 100% Score!

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