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Introducing: Bone's BallClub...
The Seattle Mariners

The 1995 Seattle Mariners
(The year Darch first saw them)

I have to confess: the combination Darch & Mariners hasn't been the luckiest
one troughout the years. In 1995, 1996 and 1997, Darch saw them play
seven times. Their record: two wins, five losses. The first M's game Darch saw
was in May '95, at the Coliseum in Oakland. Thx to a three run Homer by Rickey
Henderson in the 9th inning, the A's won: 7-5.
In april and may of '96, Darch saw the M's four times. In Chicago's Comiskey
Park they had no change against the WhiteSox. And in the Kingdome in Seattle
they were beaten by Kansas City Royals. But... a few days later, against
Minnesota Twins, Darch saw his first M's Win. Yeah! But the best thing happenend
on may 15 in Yankee Stadium. Mariners beat the New York Yankees and Jay Buhner
Homered somewhere to the Bronx...
Finally, in september 1997, there were two games against the Athletics:
one in Oakland, one in Seattle. The Bay Bashers won both...

The Seattle Mariners Logo through the years

Seattle Mariners
P.O. Box4100
Seattle, WA 98104 (USA)
Seattle Mariners

Bone's Ballpark

The Home of Jay Buhner and the Seattle Mariners is the Kingdome.
That is: 'till the first of June 1999. At that point Safeco Field
should be ready. Safeco costed almost $500,000,000 en will give
46,621 Mariner- (and SeaHawk-)fans a seat. BTW: the roof is retractable.
Like the Amsterdam ArenA and the GelreDome in Arnhem.

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