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From left to right: Randy Johnson, Joey Cora,
Ken Griffey Jr, Edgar Martinez and Alex Rodriguez.

Okay, true... The best 'thing' about the Seattle Mariners *is*
of course Jay Buhner. But the M's have more in their house! See
below for five tiny tributes to some mighty fine Ballplayers and:
one heck of a coach: Ken Griffey, Alex Rodriguez, Dan Wilson,
Edgar Martinez and manager Lou Pinella.

Ken Griffey Jr #24
NICK Junior POSTION Centre Field AVG'98 .284
(NOTE 56 HomeRuns, 120 Runs, 146 Rbi)

Alex Rodriguez #3
NICK A-Rod POSTION Short Stop AVG'98 .322
(NOTE 42 HomeRuns, 123 Runs, 124 Rbi)

Dan Wilson #6
NICK Dan the Man POSTION Catcher AVG'98 .252
(NOTE 9 HomeRuns, 39 Runs, 44 Rbi)

Edgar Martinez #11
NICK - POSTION Designated Hitter/3rd Base AVG'98 .322
(NOTE 29 HomeRuns, 86 Runs, 102 Rbi)

Lou Pinella, Manager.

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